Thursday, December 01, 2005

A bulleted list at last

  • I've changed over to Firefox at last and so I can do bold and italics and colour now.... and quotes, and lists too. It's not faster than Safari but it's definitely better for blogging."But we could have told you that ages ago," I hear you cry. "Well, I wasn't listening," I cry back.
  • For your viewing pleasure. If you like Yann Arthus Bertrand's photos of the world seen from the sky, this site allows you to browse the photos and download them as wallpaper.

  • Things that made me laugh this week: SoWeirdProductions tells us that there are teachers and then there are educators.

  • If you love Scottish smoked salmon (or trout, or venison, or game) and you want to buy some online for the Festive season, this is the place to get it: Barony Country Foods. The fact that my wee brother runs the company has absolutely nothing to do with this shameless plug: it really is absolutely delicious.



Sarah Mackenzie said...

Why is firefox better for blogging? Never mind. I will ask my geek and spare you the hassle of trying to explain something, probably inexplicable, to me.

Is that your wee brother? he look nice. As does the venison ... mmm.

Ms Mac said...

Oh, and I've been taking Firefox for granted all this time!

Léons Life said...

ohhhh I like that 'wee brother site' I'm looking for a Christmas present to send my big brother and that's just the right sort of thing !

Do they send stuff to the UK ?

Léons Life said...

To England I mean........

Lesley said...

Sarah: Firefox is probably no better for you because you don't use Blogger; but Blogger and Safari don't like each other. And yes, that's my bruv.

Ms Mac: I know, you and the whole world.

Léon's Mum: Yes, absolutely. In fact, he'll send anywhere in the world for the real price of postage.

Nancy McKeand said...

Glad to see you have made the switch! Firefox is so cool!