Saturday, December 03, 2005


And I haven't even started yet. Make your own totally useless warning label with the Warning Label Generator.



LĂ©ons Life said...

The crowds in the shops here are just so awful, enough to drive a sane woman mad, not to be done with a man and child in tow. No way !!!

I do the shopping way before (like in October) so everyone is bought for in our household. Other than big brother, but know I have found your 'wee brother" site that present is soon going to be taken care of too.

Everything is so expensive. Husband and I end up buying something for the house. So this year I am very very lucky girl and will be getting a new fridge from my parents and a new oven from husband ( as both are dying)Exciting stuff no........

Ms Mac said...

Thank God I'm not alone. Every blogger and their dog seems to be rubbing my nose in the fact that they've finished their Chrissie Shopping and I haven't even made my list yet!

heather said...

I am going to make everyone labels for Christmas. Brilliant site, Lesley.

deborah said...

I laughed about the seriously grumpy but am slow on the uptake so not sure what the dinosaur/giant lizard represents.
thanks for the reply about the random blogs top right and have been reading the blog of a nineteen year old male .... he put a photo of a car and said he would like it if he were a millionaire, so I commented and said 'what is it?'
someone then commented how can u not no what a bentley is!

exciting stuff, I am well into being hooked on blogs Lesley (

Lesley said...

The dinosaur was the closest thing available to something resembling a toy (Christmas shopping?) pretty feeble I know.