Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This is sooo wrong

Activist Mama
You're an agitator! Your kids have grown up on the
front lines of rallies and pickets, and chances
are that you boycott at least one company for
its bad business practices. Your kids are
learning what matters to you and how they can
change what matters to them.

What kind of a freaky mother are you?

I really don't know how this happened. I answered the questions as honestly as possible, but no I haven't been to a demo myself for years and the kids have yet to discover the joys of tramping throught the streets all the time wishing they could just nip off and have a quick look in the shops. And no I can't think of any companies I knowingly boycott, except perhaps Macdonalds and I don't boycott them, I ration them. I'll have to find another so that I fit my description more closely. Any suggestions?


Sarah Mackenzie said...

I'm an earth mother. Probably close as a description of me at this moment. But what were the other choices?

And although I try and be "green" I would think nothing of getting on a plane and flying to Thailand for no reason at all except that I would like it. (I really really would right now - its so cold!)

So I don't feel particularly earthy.

deborah said...

Another absurd questionnaire with no options you would choose anyway. And the result for you Lesley is almost as groan producing as our friend who said :" Blogs, like any other form of genuine communication, are about trying to figure out what it is to be a person etc"

I think they must both be Americans who believe in intelligent design
so to fit your description you'll have to change nationalities and be sixty years old at least

I think piped music should be boycotted but how?

Lesley said...

An interesting question Deborah, how could we boycott piped music? Ask for it to turned off in restaurants (although sometimes it can be quite pleasant)? Refuse to shop in places that have it? H&M has the loudest piped electro music I've ever heard, but I'd die if I couldn't shop there any more.