Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The one after which you all unsubscribe

Yesterday evening I went to a Tupperware Party (une soirée tooperwer).

I bought only one item (but it did cost 60€).

I must have been drugged, because I signed up to have my own soirée tooperwer.

You are all invited.

Shoot me now.


Deborah said...

I decline the invitation, but thanks all the same ...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - thanks for the invite!

tooperwer...ha ha..I can just HEAR it!

BeefKing said...

Can I come? I promise I'll only heckle a little bit. Well, maybe.

I get my tupperware at leclerc. Is the "private party" tupperware any better? I must know. Even as I type, critical leftovers are improperly wrapped in my fridge.

What came over you?

Ms Mac said...

I promise I am not being facetious when I say that if it weren't for the distance, I'd be at your tupperware party with bells on.

I love Tupperware. What did you buy? I've no clue of European prices for Tupperware, never mind scary Swiss prices.

Lesley said...

Deborah, Wendz, Don't blame you. i wriggled out of the last one. this was a repeat invite.

BKing: The supermarket stuff is far inferior, at least that's what the lady said.

Ms Mac: I'll set up a webcam and you can participate from a distance. Actually, I bought a mixer thing which chops and blends but which also makes instant ice-cream from frozen fruit, sugar and cream. I tried it last night and it was truly delish.

heather said...

The whole thought of a blogger/tupperware party (blupperware?) is too exciting for me to contemplate, but I need to admit too that I am a bit of a fan of tupperware.

ms Mac - I'm sure there's a tupperware shop at Zurich airport or perhaps that is just some flight of fancy of mine.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely refuse to be drawn into this discussion.

But Stella will tell you discreetly upon which side of the fence I sit.

ANTIPO (not Anonymous)