Sunday, December 17, 2006

Random Bullets

Post-weekend musings

If you take small children skating, it's probably best to have progressed past the gripping-the-barrier-
and-shuffling-around-the-edge stage yourself.

Deborah has done a recording for the audio meme. You can listen to it here but be warned she sounds much, much posher than any of the rest of us and it goes completely wonky at the end. Perhaps she'd re-record it if there was enough popular demand.

Why do Ikea sell mattresses and beds that are 80cm wide but never ever have the fitted sheets to go with them?

Saw Arthur and the Minimoys this afternoon. (Why is it called Arthur and the Invisibles in the UK?). It's entertaining if you're six.

Christmas cards almost posted.

I've had this Powerbook for 16 months now and I have never backed anything up. Shock, horror, I know. But now I've got a lovely little external drive which I suspect has quite a few more gigabytes of memory than I have wired into my grey matter. All I need now is a nifty little application to backup automatically (the computer not my brain, I hasten to add. Well, for the moment anyway). Any suggestions?

Oh yes, and if you're ordering smoked salmon from my brother this year, send him an e-mail because the on-line payment facility is playing up. (See what I did there?)


David (TEFL Smiler) said...

Anything over at I use the .Mac Back-Up program, although I don't really like it. Can't wait for Time-Machine in Leopard!

But do you need a Back-Up program, anyway, or is it just as good to manually back stuff up? I kind of do that, too, for just in case the .Mac Back-Up program doesn't work - it's let me down in the past with its confusing incremental backups, when I thought everything was safe, but it wasn't.

Antipodeesse said...

Now that I've heard you speak, I find my brain reading your written posts in a lovely Scottish accent.

It makes your blog so different!

Lesley said...

Thanks David. I'm a bit sceptical aboout .Mac. It seems like an awful lot of money every year for so little service. Will look into

Antipo:I've got a feeling that hearing you sing is going to change the way i read your blog too!

deborah said...

I won't wait for popular demand in case everyone has had enough, I'll go ahead as soon as I discover how to make odeo work better. It obviously didn't like my imitation of an old Etonian asking me if I played bridge. It was a good excercise, however, I had planned no ums and ers but failed miserably.

So a random bullet from me, a nightmare last night:
I came to see you and you said Get a life, Deborah, which I construed, even in my dream, as 'Get a love life' because I started telling you all about a redhead of dubious gender (you know, when the person in a dream starts by being male and later seems to be female) then I said, I need some black buttons for my new coat, Lesley.

You found me a big bag of buttons and I was supposed to be keeping an eye on Z who was about 6 months old. While I wasn't looking he put three mouthfuls of buttons in his mouth which I managed to remove in a tremendous panic. Then he went to sleep in a cardboard box which I had contrived with the side cut open. I woke up in a cold sweat as I was sure he was going to get too hot, fall out and throw up more buttons.

Ms Mac said...

Oh no, Deborah, I still laugh at Cockney accents. Should I be ashamed of myself too?

Your idea of ordering smoked salmon from your brother gave me a brilliant idea for a Christmas present for my in-laws. Sadly, I couldn't order it from your brother, but thanks for the idea anyway.

Deborah said...

MsMac, apropos laughing, can't remember if I told you, your post about the cowboy boots was very funny.

As for laughing at Cockney accents, I'm sure you do that in a nice way. We were such snobs we used to laugh in total derision, as if Cockneys were either thick or retarded! We were pathetic.

However, later on, I realized that we had been the thick ones! One of my favourite films of all time is 'Morgan, a suitable case for treatment'with my favourite actress, Irene Handl. Some good examples of 'posh' and cockney in it. By my reckoning it came out 4 years before you were born!

Wendz said...

Gosh I can I magine Deborah reading the evening news on the sounds so very posh and upper class.

I will NEVER out my horrid SA accent up ..not in a million years. You'd all split a gut laughing and pity me...oh deary me no..that wouldn't do at all. :O)

deborah said...

Well, wendz, we will all now be very disappointed not to hear your SA accent! Not horrid at all by the way, and a lot more interesting than the bbc news readers!

My son spent a year on a Kibbutz and came back with a wonderful SA accent, which he lost in a about a week which I found rather a shame!

I heard a French radio programme the other day, it was an interview with André Brink and he spoke very good French. You are in good company, AB and NM! my heros!

Lesley said...

Deborah: I'm sure the dream can be traced back to a traumatic event in your past!

Ms Mac : Glad to be of assistance

Wendz: Oh, go on! I need a good laugh.

Wendz said...

I need to get a microphone and then perhaps...when Christmas fever is over and everyone feels blue and needs a giggle..maybe then, eh!