Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tomorrow the world

Initiating a piddly little audio meme has given me an immense feeling of power. I recommend it for anyone who feels that the world is not reactive enough to their every whim.
The kind people who have contributed their voices to the expansion of my sphere of influence (so far) are:

Ms Mac
TEFL Smiler
And from there to :
Frog with a Blog

And before I go, here are a few choice words for you: moist, agenda, vomit, diet, panties, nipple.


samdebretagne said...

This was a great idea Lesley! It's been so fun to hear everyone's different accents!

Lesley said...

And what about your voice Sam? Go on add a little Minnesota to the meme!

Anonymous said...

Lesley you have even inspired me to prepare a masterpiece script, which is still in the works. But I can't help feeling that my poor Kiwi accent lacks the utter charm of your Scottish vowels.

I shall however press on, in the face of great trepidation and doubt....


Ms Mac said...

There's also Robyn in Ohio http://justayin-rob.blogspot.com/

I feel you should have a special hat or something. Or maybe a t-shirt saying, "I made up a brilliant blogging meme and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" You know, or something.

Lesley said...

Antipo: Hurry up! We're all waiting with bated breath.

Ms Mac: thanks for that. I've added a link. If I was more experienced in this fashion-setting lark, I would have asked everyone to tag their posts so that I could keep tabs on this thing.

samdebretagne said...

Oh, no! I hate the sound of my voice, so I'm not going to subject the rest of you lot to it! *S*

Robyn said...

Well, I was fine with the list of words until that last one. Ick.

Wendz in France said...

Nipple. I hate hate hate that word. Thank you for making me read it. Not. And moist. Ew! The connotations are revolting.

deborah said...

I really loved listening to you all and I popped into Darty today to see if I could buy a microphone. However a daughter says there is one in the house somewhere.
Which reminds me, discovered someone who says her house is a mess so I went back to your Flicker stuff Lesley and the pictures are still there, wonderful. But can't get your blog up properly on the pc in this house, only on the mac, can't think why.
Have a feeling there must be something deeply Freudian/Jungian in some of the words you don't like out there ....

Deborah said...


so here is mine, I wanted to do it again as it all gets jumbled at the end, but every time I try the whole thing is a jumble. Don't know what I am doing wrong.

Anonymous said...

I have crafted a script and it is near perfect.... but now the microphone is kaput! Hot and bitter are the tears I am shedding.

BTW I have MET Sam de Bretagne in real life, and her accent is utterly charming! We will all have to sign a petition to force her to do the audio meme.