Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A few of my favourite dings

10 things I like beginning with the letter d.

dictionaries. I like having a whole shelf of dictionaries beside me when I’m writing anything; looking things up from time to time; having my eye drift across the page and finding some other, more interesting word. My favourite is Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary, which now I come to think of it is possibly slightly out of date now. I also like being able to flick between a dictionary window and a text window when I’m translating.

dall. I like making it and I like eating it. The version I make calls for brown lentils, tamarind and mustard seeds.

drizzle. It rarely drizzles here in South-West France where we either have torrential downpours or days of unrelenting medium-size, medium-force rain. I like the feel of Scottish feather-light raindrops on my face.

Durango. P and I went to Colorado a few years ago and Durango was one of those towns where everything was postcard perfect: a wide main street, lots of interesting shops and bars and restaurants, even an old-fashioned railway station and a steam train. The inhabitants of Durango are all young and sporty and promenade their children around town in little trailers behind mountain bikes.

doughnuts so I probably wouldn’t fit in in Durango. Dough, oil and sugar; what a healthy combination.

dinner parties. I like inviting people for dinner and I like being invited for dinner. I like the informal sort best, where people stand in the kitchen having an aperitif then move to the dinner table and the conversation goes on into the wee small hours.

drifting from page to page on the internet. In fact, I like this a little too much.

deer. I like catching sight of them at the edge of the woods in the gloaming and to see them look up warily when they feel someone watching them.

dandling babies on my knee — my own when they were small and compliant, and also other people’s. Especially babies with

... dimples.

Charlotte gave me the letter d. If you'd like to play, leave me a comment and I'll give you a letter.


Wendz said...

Righty ho - I game - lets have a letter then.

Oh you know which doughnuts I love...the boules de berlin filled with chocolate.

Lesley said...

Have an "s" Wendz.

charlotte said...

I like this, Lesley, especially drifting, dandling and dimples!

Deborah said...

... and your ten dislikes beginning with 'd' would have ''diet' at the top.

Dinner parties would be at the top of my dislikes whereas drifting and drizzle sound wonderful, especially together.

The rain is coming down in torrents at the moment and the wind is wuthering. Oh wild, west wind (and wine) for a 'w' list.

This game would make a good warm-up (adapted)! Now I must look up dall. Tempted to pronounce as in ball but suppose it must be dal and might be Indian.

Lesley said...

Thanks Charlotte.

Deborah: I'm sure I could make a much, much longer list of dislikes beginning with d: dancing, doilies, dummies, Dundee, dust, dogs (big ones anyway), drudgery......