Friday, February 23, 2007

We're home!

Back from a few days in the Pyrenees and home suddenly seems obscenely and wonderfully luxurious. Oh, the joys of central heating rather than dodgy electric radiators; an electrical system that doesn't cut out every time we plug in an extra appliance plunging an already gloomy house into complete darkness; a bathroom for four people not ten. My reunion with wifi and the Nespresso machine feels downright decadent.
Also, do you know easy it is to organise two children in the morning rather than six children and their skiing gear? And the best bit: after four days with a one-year-old — gorgeous as he was — my own children seem fantastically mature and reasonable.

Now if only we could have that view of the glossy white mountain tops when we open the shutters here.


Wendz said...

The best bit about holidays is coming home...well I think that. There really is no place like home Lesley - it's OUR place. Where we belong.

Deborah said...

Am also Just back from the charm of Spanish plumbing and electricity. My daughter's flat in Madrid has dodgy everything. You can't hear the bell ring unless the hand set is off the hook, immersion heater leaks, if you use the stove the lights go off.
The most interesting was the way the telephone workmen had put in the connection ... mysterious wires sticking out all over the place and all the drilled holes left with broken plaster.
But back here in Bordeaux have had a power cut for two days now ... well lights came back on an hour ago so won't need to read by candle light tonight I hope.