Saturday, February 10, 2007


Me : "Suddenly Rataxes jumped out from behind the bush, shoved the little elephants out of the way, and seized the Wully-Wully, who let out a piercing cry."

E (interrupting): Who's telling the story?

Me (confidently and in an effort not to be found intellectually wanting for a second time in one week): An omniscient narrator.

E (dubiously): mmm


Wendz said...

Heavens! You use big words with the kids...mine just and NO! heh.

BeefKing said...

It's an excellent question she asks. But as the reader of the book, wouldn't a more accurate answer be, "Me"?

(he said from the white sandy beach)

deborah said...

She's a genius!

Lesley said...

Beefking: First of all, just want you to know that it's very stormy and rainy here. Secondly, she actually asked the question in French and said "Qui est-ce qui conte?". I think that her superior intellectual powers allowed her to see that although I was actually doing the talking someone else had invented the story. Next week I will be explaining the concept of "suspension of disbelief"