Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Initial thoughts on creating a blog

Here, in no particular order, are some of the things I'm currently interested in : teaching ESP, disourse analysis, learning Spanish, bringing up children, Nineteenth century travel literature, Robert Louis Stevenson, Six Feet Under, Ikea kitchens and how much they cost, flights to Tunisia, English for Medical Purposes, simultaneous translation, grommets,scientific biography ..... My question is this: would it be best to separate all of these strands of interest and create different blogs for each of them or create a sort of méli-mélo incorporating them all?


aaron said...

Good question. For the time being, I'd mix 'em all up and get a bit of experience using Blogger. Eventually though, you might want to migrate over to a different piece of blogging software that has a 'categories' feature, where in each post you make, you designate a category into which it can be placed. In addition to all your posts showing up on the main page in a meli-melo form, the software automatically aggregates messages from single categories and displays them on separate pages. Then, if a reader only wants to read about your interest in bringing up children but not your professional interests, then he/she can subscribe to the 'child raising' category only. More on this later in the course.

I know that Word Press, Expression Engine, Movable Type, Manila, etc, have this capability.

Nancy McKeand said...

I think Aaron's suggestion is a good one. It seems like in the beginning it would be handy to have almost unlimited topics to write about. Once this becomes more second nature, it would be easy to kind of move in several different directions at once.

I am particularly interested in your interest in grommets. Grommets??