Thursday, January 20, 2005

Lagging Behind

I'm a memeber of group 3 this week and our job is to comment on other people's blogs. So far, it's been a pretty humbling experience bacause
a) Everybody else's blog is much more attractive than mine
b) My blog is one of the least thought-provoking I've come across
c) Other blogs seem to be much fuller than mine
d) Other people have worked out how to add links, and photos, and side-bars, and soda-fountains
e) Some people have multiple blogs
f) A few people have moved on to deconstructing the whole blogging experience
I've got to catch up, I've got to catch up.

1 comment:

EnjoyTheSilence said...

Mine, although may be longer is no more attractive then yours... I am also missing out on the whole links, photos and side-bars thing. I think simple is best. But most importantly is the honesty. Feel free to keep working on your own and looking at others... I have found for every one worth reading I have to skip over about 10... So you surprisingly are 1 out of 10. Also, in the grand scheme of it all, I only comment on about two a day, so with the millions of blogs out there you are one out of millions...