Wednesday, January 26, 2005

More testing

Just a quick post from work to see whether the compose mode works in with OSX and Safari. Apparently not, since I don't even see the compose and edit html tabs. The keyboard shortcuts don't work either. I'm going to save this as a draft and then switch over to Netscape to see if there is any difference. (Talk about verbal introspection)
(Short pause)
Okay so now I'm in Netscape and I have the Edit HTML and Compose tabs. And things actually work. Look, here's some colour. The keyboard shortcuts still don't work though. What about a bulleted list?
  • OSX + Netscape 7
is better than
  • OS9.1 + Netscape 7
is better than
  • OSx + Safari

1 comment:

BrushMark said...

A small question: when U bring up your netscape html editor, do U then copy/paste into the blogger template?? O, U R Brilliant!