Monday, April 11, 2005

Brick Wall

Despite comments (and I still get a massive kick out of seeing a comment on this blog) sometimes blogging feels like talking to a brick wall. It's been ages now since the EVO weblogging course came to an end and somehow I miss the camaraderie of learning about the same things at the same time. I still follow all my ex-classmates blogs almost daily (although I have weeded out a few of the inactive ones) but it's not quite the same. We have all branched out and are talking about the things we're really interested in, not the common problems and discoveries. The upheaval of the past few weeks — due to real brick walls being demolished in the house — has meant that I haven't actually been at home to participate in the Sunday evening sessions and I miss that synchronous contact too. It has made me realise how motivating it is for my students to do the same task on their blogs at the same time and then visit each other's blogs to provide that all-important feedback. More on my students blogs in the next post if I haven't drowned under all of that (non-metaphorical) brick dust by then.

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Nancy McKeand said...

I would never have thoguht of it that way, Lesley, but I can now see a case for giving students a common blogging assignment. It is certainly what helped to mold the EVO group into a community.

But I think, too, that we should allow our students to move beyond those kinds of assignments and into things they are intereseted in. It is more authentic.

I miss the daily influx of EVO emails and seeing how we each wee able to deal with the assigned task, but I even more love reading the blogs and seeing where everyone is going with them.