Thursday, April 14, 2005

Living on a building site

Living on a building site
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There's dust on the camera lens, dust in the bed, dust in the kitchen, dust on my keyboard, dust in the upstairs toilet (not downstairs though because they've ripped that one out), dust in my morning coffee, dust liberally sprinkled over my clothes (people are too polite to mention it). I hope there's no dust in the childrens' lungs.


Bee said...

Mes condoléances, Leslie. I know exactly how you feel about it as I was in the same situation a month ago ;-)
I even made a little film which I posted in my blog.

Once it is over and all is bright and clean, this will be remembered as a fun episode.

Ms Mac said...

I'm sick to the back teeth of dust and mine is all of the common or garden house type.

When I am elected Madame President of the World, I shall ban it, all types!

Deborah said...

I think it would be difficult to ban dust ms.mac ... I think the ordinary stuff is mostly dead skin (ours)and the odd acarian (?) who are happy as that is what they feed on presumably, just like the ones on your eyelashes.
However, if you read 'Iris' by John Bayley you will see that dust was not a problem at all for Iris Murdoch.
Lesley, your dust is the noble stuff, just plaster, temporary suffering for later beauty. The photo of your sitting room is perfect for testing the students' English ....
not sure about that apostrophe in your last sentence .... or mine in mine!

Lesley said...

Oops. Deborah you're right of course, it should have been "children's". Too late, I might as well accept that i'm "glaikit". That's the Scots word on my mouse mat (birthday present from my brother). It means stupid, senseless, silly... On the subject of housework and dust, I quite like Quentin Crisp who said that the whole concept of cleaning was a myth inculcated in us by our mothers and quite unnecessary. (Patently untrue, but like most things only necessary in moderation).