Sunday, April 24, 2005

OSX and Safari

I've had OSX and Safari on my computer for three days now and I've just realised how grotty this blog looks with that combination. With my old set-up I had nice regular-looking posts with photos on the right; the text had orderly straight left-hand margins. My archives, links, Furl menu etc. were marshalled down the right in a side bar. Now the text is centred (why?!) and the items from the sidebar have all fallen to the bottom of the page (why?!) with bullet points beside them (why?!) . Does everybody else see my blog that way too? Why are there such big differences in the ways different browsers present things? It's like buying a new mirror and realising, aghast, that the comfortable old face you felt quite happy about presenting to the world is actually lop-sided, covered in wrinkles and warts and sags to boot. This will probably really happen when we get our new bathroom but that's another story....



Nancy McKeand said...

Lesley, your blog looks the way it always has on my computer. Maybe that can be at least some consolation. I'm on a Windows XP machine running Mozilla Firefox, by the way.

Lesley said...

Thanks Nancy. Maybe I'll change over to Firefox.

Anonymous said...

I thought your blog looked this way by design. Taking a peek at the source code I see the following in your stylesheet:

body (
padding:40px 20px;
font:x-small Georgia,Serif;
font-size/* */:/**/small;
font-size: /**/small;

The text-align:center part is what is making your posts show up as centered on the screen. Just change that to "left" and the text should look fine in Safari.

I also see some other funky things going on in your code that I can't explain, I really don't know why your blog shows up differently in Safari and Firefox. Weird.


Lesley said...

Thanks for that Izzy, I've fixed the centering. Now, all I have to do is a bit of nipping and tucking elsewhere.