Thursday, April 21, 2005

The day the hard disk died

Yesterday evening my computer wouldn't boot up and started making those clunky-grinding noises again. Yikes....... I tried again, and again and again. All I was getting was that really irritating little box computer with the smiley face. Yikes, yikes, double yikes. I started to think about all the things that I had on the hard disk that I hadn't been able to save (CD burner malfunction) / had been too lazy to save. A whole year's worth of photos, mostly of the children. Could I ask them to put on last year's clothes again and pretend to be two and three year-olds? A load of marks that other teachers have sent me by e-mail and that I haven't got round to putting into Excel and handing in yet. Zillions of e-mails that I want to keep or still have to reply to etc. etc. etc; Slept badly. Brought it in to the friendly technicians at work today. It booted up immediately. I was torn between immeasurable relief and slight pique. The verdict however, is that the hard disk is very unwell and should be put out of its misery. So I've bought a new one and I'm also moving on to Mac OS X at last. Every cloud.
Other good news today : the very kind and generous Clair Mcmullen has given me one of her two free Flickr pro accounts. (She's got another to give away, so hurry on over there). So from now on I can snap and upload to my heart's delight. As soon as I get my heart-transplanted computer back that is.
Oh yes, other good news today, I've ordered a new kitchen from IKEA. Since I couldn't decide between contemporary and country I went for oak and stainless steel. Expect multiple photos of it on Flickr in the next month or so. Come back builders all is forgiven.

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Nancy McKeand said...

It has been a bad week for computers, I guess. Mine had been acting up, so when I found the one I wanted on sale a few weeks ago, I bought it. This week my old one started mysteriously deleting things and doing other odd things. The same day I got a call from my daughter, who was preparing for her law school exams which started the next day. Her computer had suddenly died! As she needed one for her exam the next day, she ended up going out and buying another.

Let's hope our new and resurrected machines work for a long time!

Deborah said...

I spent two hours this morning trying to get my brother's laptop to zip into action without much success.
My daughter Lucie now has a digital camera so I shall be posting multiple photos of my bathroom soon (pine and paint) to be in competition with the oak and stainless steel ....