Monday, April 25, 2005

A successful failure

Would you cedit it? My very first ever blogging class (2nd year students of medicine, remember ?) had their last English class last week. With the vast majority of these students, blogging was a success and they made multiple posts over the 14-week course. Some of the posts were reponses to fairly directive assignments and some were spontaneous. So what did one student, Charlie: do this weekend ? Yes, he blogged, but the blighter blogged in French, proudly announcing :

"Jour historique : ce blog sera dé�sormais r�édig�é dans la langue de Moliè�re."

Do I count this as a success because he’s continuing to blog even after the end of the course or a failure because he no longer sees it as a means of improving his English ? Perhaps he never saw it as a means of improving his English. Perhaps he’s right.

PS. I left him a commet saying I would be taking 2 points off his continuous assessment mark. Hee hee.

PPS. That was a joke by the way.


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Deborah said...

I think Charlie did feel he was improving his English and he really enjoys blogging, obviously.
His mistake was not to make a separate French blog after the end of the course .... which is what he should do. Then he could continue making progress in English.
Vive la langue de Shakespeare!

PS. He might just want to tease you Lesley