Friday, April 28, 2006

Friend's Photo Friday

These statues are on the sentier sculpturel de Mayronnes, south of Carcassone. They are the work of Deborah's daughter, Lucie Geffré, and will be there until the middle of August.
What do you think? I like them.


wendy said...

Beautiful. Really marvellous.

And thou art indeed the wise wise voice of wisdomus...water it shall be....

Ms Mac said...

Yes, I think I like them too! Bravo!

deborah said...
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Nathan Lowell said...

These are wonderful.

I really like the dynamic of having them all posed identically but looking in different directions. They look like they're, somehow, emerging from the rough.

Léons Life said...

I think they are superb and just love where they have been placed. Strange to see these white, white sculpters in wild and natural surroundings.

Do you know exactly where they are ? This is the region we will be heading to this summer and a walk round there sounds like a great day out to me. Perhaps there is something on the interent that I can take a look at ?

Lucie seems to be very talented, what are they made from ?

deborah said...

Hello Leons life, Lucie will give me the details which I'll post up later ... these are in plaster but first she modelled them in clay
more later

Lucie said...

hello, thank you for all your nice and encouraging comments, here's a bit of information on getting to Mayronnes:

et maintenant
de quel côté aller ?
le vent souffle

qu’y faire ?
Sur mes contradictions
Le vent souffle

This is the double haiku that inspired the project

Lesley said...

Thanks for the link Lucie.

PS. I like the round bottoms best.