Friday, April 14, 2006

To pack or not to pack

8H50. We leave for Tunisia at 13H00 and the passport still isn't here. The Embassy told me they were sending it yesterday and we should get it this morning. But then they said the same thing the day before yesterday. I don't know whether to pack or unpack.

10H42 Still nothing. The TNT website says it is "en cours de livraison". I hope that means it's in the back of a white van somewhere near here. I feel sick and stupid.

11H46 It still isn't here but I have to close the computer down. Bye (but maybe not for long).


heather said...

I feel very stressed on your behalf, which is absolutely no help, I know.

Lesley said...

Thanks Heather.

Antipodeesse said...

Good luck! Fingers, toes & eyes are crossed, sending you relaxing holiday vibes (from my busy office!)

deborah said...

Hello everyone from Deborah,
the passport arrived with 20 minutes to spare! so all being well they are on their way, they must have boarded 4 minutes ago!
ps let's hope the holiday is long enough for Lesley to recover from all that stress

wendy said...

Oooh - antipo is busy..not anymore's 1.17am..

happy holidays lesley

Léons Life said...
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Léons Life said...

No sign of Lesely for a while.I guess this means either your husband murdered you for not doing the passport thing earlier or it came on time !

I hope it's number 2

Antipodeesse said...

Ooh Pauline, you said "Number two" again! Didn't we just have a silly/funny conversation about this?

You're obviously away and having a FABULOUS time Lesley, I can feel it in my bones!