Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Fixing the cyber curtains

Way back in January Graham left me a comment saying he liked the way I was adding to the blog:

"it's part of the fun, isn't it - fixing the cyber curtains and rearranging and adding virtual furniture, making it more like home :)"

My real bricks, mortar and stone house renovation is not coming along as fast as I'd like. I know, I know I'm boring you all to death with this never-ending leitmotif. I won't go on, but I think I made a mega mistake today when I chose the new bathroom tiles (too pink). So I've displaced my home-making instinct to this virtual abode and tweaked it a little to make it cosier. I added a people-online-counter to the sidebar. Look! Admire! (I surreptitiously omitted the "dating online" link they warned me not to remove though. Wonder if they'll notice.)

Another thing I almost added to the sidebar was my Bloglines blogroll but decided in the end that it was too much of a temporary thing. Some of the subscriptions I'm trying out and may delete in a couple of weeks. Other haven't been active for ages but I keep hoping. Gordon McLean posted about this a few days ago having just removed the blogroll from his sidebar and observes that nobody even seemed to notice.

Remember I said ages and ages ago that I would like to have archives by tags as well as by dates? Well, Jean VĂ©ronis (great blog) has done it. But he had to do the spade work himself. I wonder how?

Oops, real housework calls, must go and fix my little girl's non-cyber lamp. She just poured cold water on the hot bulb and it exploded. (And that's not just a fitting end to this post but also true).



Jill said...

Oh goodness, I'm glad she didn't get hurt! (She didn't, did she?) If not, I suppose at least it's a learning experience....

Lesley said...

No she wasn"t hurt. She got a big fright though and I don't think she'll be doing that sort of experiment again!