Saturday, May 21, 2005


I'm writing this post for the second time. Not Blogger's fault but mine for stupidly closing the win... oh what does it matter. Here we go again.

Does anyone know of a cheap and cheerful hotel in Montreal for my friend Deborah? She's not a blogger (yet) so I can't point you in the direction of her blog, but she is my most regular commenter and for this I am most grateful.

House update: Downstairs is almsot finished. Kitchen fitted, floor down, walls sanded, plastered and painted. All we need now is electricity.

Car update: Both in the garage today by coincidence one for elective surgery the other for emergency treatment. Total damage 740 Euros. Eeek!

Children update: Both royal pains in the ass due to lack of sleep and house upheaval. Much encouraged by comparing Antipodéesse's blog about her kids now and the one about their babyhood. It seems that naughty little children can turn out quite nice.

Work update: Spent entire day collating exam and continuous assessment marks for 450 students. Can't help thinking that this is a waste of time (read "my precious time and talent").

Travel update : Going to Pau for the weekend. 6th weekend in a row away from home. No wonder the poor kids are unbearable, they've lost their bearings.


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Deborah said...

Every time I read how much you manage to do plus small children I wilt ....
No little ones in my house, just one grown child (28 for goodness sake, where has the time gone)? she is temporarily here and using the joint as a sculptor's studio ... so just about as much mess as your workers Lesley with my mess thrown in, but easy peasy to deal with because .... no small children! put it this way, in another 25 years you will be able to put your feet up...
Have looked at a few web sites for Montreal, they are a bit short of ideas for le vieux Montreal, but I'll be fine as I arrive early afternoon and I shall hire a bike a reccenoiter (that doesn't look right)
Have a nice time in Pau where you must be already.