Friday, May 20, 2005

Ipod or not ipod?

I have 100€ (a birthday prezzie) burning a hole in my pocket. I originally planned to put it towards an ipod. Now, kottke, the professional blogger, has a post on 50 things to do with your ipod but this is a little too advanced for me. I'm still at the do-I-really-need-one? stage. What do you think? Do I really, really need one? And if so which one? What do you do with yours?
Or maybe I'll just leave the dosh at the bottom of my underwear drawer and hope it makes babies so that I can buy a Powerbook.
[Note for potential burglars: that's not really where I keep it. We're talking virtual banknotes here.]


Deborah said...

Me again, groan!
especially as this will be no use whatsoever, I don't know anything about ipods.
Keep the dosh for a rainy day ....

Just for the record I'm off to Canada for a few days, anyone out there know a cheap and cheerful hotel for a night in Montreal? This is just a short cut because I am too lazy to send an email Lesley.

Nathan Lowell said...

I got an iRiver 799 myself.

I love it and there's more room than I know what to do with in 1 gb.

Another advantage is that it takes a standard battery (AA). I keep a few in my charger at home so when I need a fresh one, it's easy to deal with. Moreover, if I get stranded someplace without a charged battery, the nearest convenience store is sure to have a regular AA that'll get me over the hump.

I DO have to load it manually -- altho if I looked a little closer, I could probably find a way to sync it automatically.

Decisions, decisions :D