Tuesday, May 31, 2005

On holiday ha ha

It happens all the time. Another Mum at the park this evening said "Ah, but of course you're a university teacher, you're on holiday now.". Most people think that being a teacher (or a lecturer if you prefer, I don't because I don't believe in lecturing) involves just teaching. My classes have finished but here are some of the other things I'll be doing at work this week :
- writing two exams on Medical English (reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary etc.)
- attending a looooong meeting to plan timetables for next year
- reading, responding to, and correcting blog posts by one of my classes
- rewriting and submitting an article I presented at a conference last year (I'm a little behind)
- reading a dissertation project by a Masters student
- correcting a couple of scientific articles (I got one last week that had been machine translated but that's another post)
- administering oral exams
- thinking about a presentation I'm going to be doing on didactics next month

I'm absolutely not complaining. I love my job. But, no, I'm definitely not on holiday.



Nancy McKeand said...

Sometimes I think I work harder when we are on "vacation" than when classes are in session! It is hard to understand that if you have only seen education from the perspective of a student.

But it is still the best job in the world!

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