Friday, May 27, 2005

Mon oeil, mon oeil

I realised during the Blogstreams Salon at Tapped In last Sunday that most people (okay the two people who read this blog*) probably think the eye photo I have up there on the right was actually my eye. It wasn't, I had borrowed it from a photo sharing site. Too late, you can't see it any more because I've just changed it for a photo of my real eye. It's a bit droopier than the last one but it still works quite well. Can you see the contacts? I've managed to crop most of the wrinkles. So now you have a window to my real soul, behold the gaping chasm.

Mon oeil
Originally uploaded by Lezzles.

I suppose that this post should really lead into a discussion of our duty to be honest (or not) in our blogging, the various facets of self-representation discernable in the blogosphere, the disproportionate number of people who have chosen an eye as their profile image etc. etc. But I'm too tired. This blog seems to be slipping ineluctably towards the frivolous.
Update on work on house : workmen arrived at 7H15am this morning and left at 10H15 pm but still no electricity in the kitchen.
Update on weather: 34°C today. That's hot.
Update on work at work: loads and loads of rereading scientific research articles to correct the English. Tedious.
Update on children: both have just fallen asleep. It's 11H43pm.

* Since I added the "people online" counter a couple of days ago, I've NEVER been online with someone else. "1 online" looks a bit sad somehow.



Ms Mac said...

I am 1 online but not sad at all!

aaron said...

A dazzling eye indeed! You can see the room you are in as well - two windows.

Sarolta said...

I like what I see, Lesley. And it's a good photo too.