Tuesday, May 10, 2005

is it that time already?

I have never, ever, ever been this badly prepared for giving a conference paper. Things have been ganging up against me:
1) The work in the house. We came back on Sunday to no electricity, no gas, no hot water. (Beautiful terracotta tiles in the empty kitchen though)
2) Holidays. I took a laptop with me to Moliets and never actually got round to taking it out of the bag. It was too sunny, the pool was too lovely, the wine was too plentiful, the company was too genial.
3) Children. Refuse to go to sleep at night. Can still be found prancing round their bedrooms at 11pm when they were tucked in two hours earlier.
4) Motivation. Lack thereof.
5) Other people’s blogs. I’m spending too much time catching up on all those interesting posts that have accumulated in my Bloglines account. Five minutes “before I get down to work” soon turns into “an hour and a half. Oops too late to do any work.”
So I’ll no doubt be scribbling a conclusion to my paper in the train to Toulouse on Friday morning. Here is the title “Scientific Biography: Text Revealing Context”. If you could all just write a page and send it to me, I could add an introduction about the postmodern way of writing articles collaboratively and in a trendy destructured non-narrative fashion……..


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