Friday, June 03, 2005


If you come and visit in the next twenty-four hours or so, you might be the thousandth visitor to my blog. Look at the counter in the sidebar, about half way down. Wow!



Nancy McKeand said...

Shoot! I was number 962.

Wow! That's pretty impressive, Lesley! Congratulations!

Deborah said...

Hello again, I'm on nine hundred and ninety three this morning. Do the numbers take into account if the same person comes back constantly?
I gave this blog site to my friend in Canada .....
I'll be commenting again from now on! I've got some catching up to do.

Clair said... close yet so far.

Lesley said...

The counter sems to have been stuck at 998 for hours and hours. Someone, please come and visit!
PS. Nice to see you are back safe and sound Deborah.

Deborah said...

It's getting on towards midnight and I notice 999 on the site! that is good enough for me. I am sure the statistics take into account the names (I looked twice this morning and the number didn't change)so I am proud to be the 999th visitor, hope to get a pressie sous peu from Lesley. Yes, here I am Lesley, a big fan of this blog. Instead of commenting on your posts all I feel like doing is blogging .... I had a good time in Montreal and Ottawa, I'll give the name of hotel and all the rest to anyone who needs it. Tomorrow I'll be commenting on all the other articles on this blog (and how interesting they will be so watch this space)

Nathan Lowell said...

I missed it... 1020!