Friday, June 24, 2005


- E. celebrated her 3rd birthday on Monday. Where has my baby gone? Spent the day in Cap Ferret doing what she likes most, eating and jumping in water.
- The air outside has now cooled after seven torrid days and the whole of southern Europe breathes a sigh of relief.
- I have conjunctivitis in both eyes, apparently heat-related. Consequently, I am not allowed to wear my contact lenses, consequently children run away screaming at the sight of my bespectacled face.
- I've been doing some conference interpreting notably at Vinexpo — the world's biggest wine fair. It really is massive, more wine than you could possibly imagine. Now I have experienced the height of frustration: translating a slurping wine expert as he describes the "velvety" / "explosive" / "extraordinary" / taste of a couple of dozen expensive wines as they caress his taste-buds. Not a single drop passed the door of the translation booth.
- Have just done my bit for the future of blogging mankind by answering a few questions:

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

- One of the questions asked how much longer I thought I would blog. I wasn't quite sure how to answer. What would you have said?



Nancy McKeand said...

When I took the survey, I was unsure about that one, too. I ended up saying "Can't tell" because who knows what will happen. Right now I feel like I will be blogging for more than 5 years. But technology could make blogging obsolete next year. There might be something even more suited to my personality and my needs (although that is hard to imagine!). It was interesting to think about, though. And I will be interested to see how long I end up blogging.

Deborah said...

you could have answered until the day I die ... but that might not help their statistics because then they will have to have another survey about age, sex, lifestyle etc
most surveys are rather absurd ... more fun doing the magazine ones to find out, well anything really .... and who cares?
get a life you guys in Massachusetts
did you notice their latin motto(?)
translation please
our family motto beneath another magnificent coat of arms is
which means quality from the beginning ..... beat that!

Deborah said...

breathing a sigh of relief? my foot

Sorry about the conjunctivitis, hope now improved and like the children screaming when they see you .... useful they run away though

what misers the wine lot, in this neck of the woods, my daughter's friend Gilles who has been squatting in this pit for weeks and weeks gave us a very nice present ....
a jeroboam of Mouton Cadet 2000

Ms Mac said...

Oooh, I think I answered with the cop out answer, "Not Sure"

I love a good survey!