Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I did two stupid things today.

1. I locked myself and the children out of the house in the early evening while temperatures were still in the 30s and had to ask a neighbour to wade through his overgrown garden, perform acrobatics on a stepladder and jump over into our garden and then walk into our house through the conveniently unlocked back door.

2. I then took the children to an air-conditioned shopping centre and after an hour or so noticed that it had gone ominously dark outside and that the wind was howling through the glass concourse. I hurried them back to the car, holding their hands firmly just in case they blew away, and drove thorough horizontal rain dodging overturned dustbins and water gushing from drains to the house where, of course, I had left the upstairs windows wide open.

The temperature has dropped dramatically so perhaps I'll get my brain back tomorrow.



Deborah said...

hope neighbour will do this again sometime

Ms Mac said...

Aiieee! Thankfully I've never done that yet. I have no idea how one would break into an apartment on the second floor!

Deborah said...

Only two?

(who, in a famous English novel, replied with the above)

Lesley said...

I have no idea Deborah? Humphrey Clinker?

Deborah said...

Well, I have three copies of Jane Austen's Emma in this house and can't find a single one.
The scene takes place at Box Hill when they go on an outing.
Emma is rude to Miss Bates and gets told off by Mr Knightly.
Once I get my hands on the novel ....I'll be able to write down the exact words! my sister arrives today, perhaps I should tidy up a bit.