Sunday, June 19, 2005

Reclaimed living room

living room
Originally uploaded by Lezzles.
The home improvements project is almost finished. All we need is rewiring upstairs, windows throughout and a new central heating boiler. I'm so sick of the whole thing.


Ms Mac said...

Loving the red couch!

Marco Polo said...

Yeah, great colour! It looks pretty good from here.

deborah said...

all that tidiness Lesley, your Mother would be proud of you ....
Here in the pit even son Thomas says it is a mess and as soon as he puts something down it disappears.
Will do some clearing out tomorrow .. .in Lille, and bring back even more stuff to fill the spare places on the floors.
I love your house and it will look better and better .... Take Courage


Lesley said...

I have to admit that I photographed he tidiest part of the house. Sometimes i feel like a candidate for that dreadful programme on the BBC called "The Life Laundry".