Sunday, June 05, 2005

Weekend waffle

Well, the thousand mark has been passed. I know it's fairly puny compared to the number of hits a lot of other blogs get, but I was pleased anyway. Here are a few more events from my weekend in no particular order.

Went to an incongruous "Country Festival" in the middle of the French countryside where people did line dancing and ate chilli con carne. Listened to someone called Leslie Ryan sing. Okay, so it was kitch, but it was enjoyable kitch.

Lost my purse with all of my credit cards in it. This happened somewhere between the laundromat (washing machine still not plumbed in) the médiathèque and the supermarket. A nice man found it in the middle of a roundabout, took it home and looked me up in the internet telephone directory. He tells me that there are two people with my name in France. I offered to come round and pick it up but he insisted on bringing it over. This confirms my faith in human nature. (Things like this often happen to me)

Visited some friends who have a new baby. Did a lot of cooing and cuddling. Almost made me feel like pushing back the limits of medical science and having another one. I said almost. (I also read mr. nice guy's hilarious blog about new babies which makes me glad I've been there and done that)

Hope you had a good one too.


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Deborah said...

What I really want to know is if the 'nice' man is tall, dark and handsome. It seems the perfect situation for an interesting relationship to develop ....
One of my daughters left her violin on a Eurolines bus which went all the way to Paris (after dropping her off in Bordeaux).
Her cousin Agnès went to look for it at the bus depot ... the driver had found it and .... invited the said cousin for a cup of coffee ....
Trust you gave your man a cup of coffee Lesley!