Thursday, June 09, 2005

I heart my Ipod mini

ipod mini
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My new toy has arrived and it is pink. So far I've listened to a mixture of Capercaille, Ben Harper, Christophe and Adam Green. I love it, I love it, I love it. How did I ever thnk I could live without one? Any suggestions for sources of podcasts or new music? Tomorrow I will be striding down the promenade in Arcachon with my little pink friend in my pocket.


Bee said...

What a great toy, isn't it?

Looking forward to getting my own in a son has had one for his birthday but now must get one for myself :-)

Nathan Lowell said...

I like Coverville (, and the Raven and The Blues (from BFBS) - I got the links from

Fun ain't it?

I'm also enjoying the podcast novel, EarthCore. It's a bit "over done" but the story shows some promise.

Ms Mac said...

I absolutely adore my pink iPod mini!
I cannot live without it!
I've rediscovered old songs that I adore and can listen to all day long now, without having to change cds, run back to the pc etc.

Pink iPod minis rock.

What exactly is a podcast?

Ms Mac said...

Bugger! I must have stored your title subconsciously!

My iPod is definitely pinker than yours though!