Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bits and Bobs (all bad)

Can you see the slider in my last post? I can't! I could for about half an hour this evening and then it disappeared.
I also tried following Nate's instructions to disembed the link but seem to have failed miserably. When I use the html he suggests (thank you all the same Nate!) my blog takes about ten hours to load. Actually, this is a problem I'd noticed with Bettina's blog too where it took a really long time for the button to appear (and even then I couldn't actually see a button, just a black spot) Anyway, just in case this is a Mac thing again, I'm posting the button below just in case and I'll see if any of you leave comments. Maybe you'll be able to see and hear things I can't.

Can you see anything above this line? No? neither can I. However, I have posted the audio file on my other experimental blog at 20six. It took about twenty seconds and you can hear it HERE
Oh yes and I came across yet another compatability problem today. (No, I'm not collecting them, they seem to seek me out). I looked at my own blog at work today (OSX + Safari) and lo and behold, the template is all squeegee: no sidebar, text all centred, massive font for the date, tiny font for the post title etc. etc. etc. It makes me wonder : if I'm having these problems using state of the art computers and newly updated software, what's it like for the people in developing countries using much older hardware and software?
I'm moving on to the week 5 week tasks now. Bye bye audio.


Nathan Lowell said...

I can see it just fine.

It loaded in nothing flat.

Maybe it was a network hiccup.

Marco Polo said...

Hi, Lesley,
I can see the button. Clicking on it opens a new window in which (after a coupla ticks) Quicktime kicks in and shows me a slider bar and the audio starts automaticall. I'm running Windows XP and IE 6.
And it's really cool to hear your delightful Scottish accent; it helps build up a composite picture (sound like a detective, don't I!).

Bee said...

Lesley...I can see the button allright and great to hear your voice...as Marco said...it adds to the picture and the words, and you come closer to us :-)