Monday, February 07, 2005


I've just posted comments to all twenty-one of my medical students' blogs. (BTW if you people are reading this it's spelt medicine NOT medecine in English!). I know all of their secrets now, one is scared of snakes, one is a Bollywood fan, one can't get enough of ER, one is addicted to chocolate mousse, another hates his four brothers-in law.....In short, surprise, surprise, they all have lives outside of the English classroom.


aaron said...

This social aspect of blog is what can really enrich a learning environment, especially an institutional one. I think it is important to have that kind of higher context understanding of one another, for it brings out the human quality of our interaction in and out the classroom.

Bee said...

Lesley...this is for me one of the best parts of blogging...reading and interacting with my students outside the classroom context. Discovering them individually through their posts and comments.

Anonymous said...

Hey lesley!!! how are you doing?
can you sleep at night knowing all our most keeping secrets?
by the way you did'nt put your blog address on the p2 homework page! is it a forgetfullness, isn't it? or perhaps you don't really want to have such comments on your blog but it's a shame 'cause your life is pretty interresting (as ours I daresay)!!!!!! lol