Friday, February 11, 2005


I can't quite see the point of audio-blogging if you have to put the actual sound file on another server. The beauty of blogging is only having to manage posts not pages. So, I've decided not to offer you a recording of my own voice but an audio quiz. Resist the temptation of looking at where the sliding thingy below links to and then tell me if you recognize the film this sound bite was snipped from. The winner gets a mention in my next post, I can't say better than that. (Thanks Bettina for giving me the html code). Hey, I think I've just invented a new didactic use for blogs.


Marco Polo said...

Lesley, bonjour,

Not sure of the didactic (EFL/ESL) possibilities of sound blogging, but here's something that impressed me a lot:
BBC reporter Stuart Hughes blogging in from the Himalayas by cell phone!

aaron said...

Yeah...that's pretty much what happens when you ignore

Bee said...

Hi Lesley,
If you listen to Michael Coghlan's presentation(link from collective blog and YM), and visit his blog ( you will find out there are services that store the audio files for you, like the example Marco gave - but then you have to pay for the service.
The option we gave you of inserting the code is free...and allows you to post messages to your students, or devise games as you thought of now.

Graham said...

Great idea Lesley - I'm setting up an audio blog to use with students, and using a quiz is one thing I think would go down very well.