Sunday, February 06, 2005

Thumping my head off the computer screen

It seems that I am destined to forever stand just outside the cosy rooms in LearningTimes with my nose pressed against the window. To access the rooms you need the app Elluminate and to run Elluminate on a Mac OS9 you need WebLauncher. I have WebLauncher but I CANNOT CONFIGURE THE BLASTED THING. When I click on configure, I get a message that tells me, wait for it "This software is not compatible with Mac OSFU9.1. Mac OS 8 or superior is required" There is just no answer to that.


Nathan Lowell said...

I'm finding the use of these tools rather ... problematic on a variety of fronts. Not the least of which is the accessibility issue.

I feel your pain.

Elizabeth H-S said...

I had the same problem for a time, but write directly to the LT and Elluminate people--they gave me great direct hands-on help and walked me through the installation needed. I think you need Java Web Start in any case, and your computer may have it, but it may not be recognized in your browser.

A second suggestion--give up OS 9 and get to OS X. Your computer will run faster and better, and within 24 hrs you will so be loving it. I added extra RAM to get to 512 MB just to be sure there was enough room, but it is a truly wonderful desktop.

--Elizabeth [fellow Mac fanatic]