Friday, February 11, 2005


Here's the abstract of an article I came across this evening FOUCAULT AND INTERNET DISCOURSE: "While some have argued that computing via the Internet offers a vision of freedom and a shared humanity, others have claimed with equal vehemence that it may become the instrument of global surveillance and personal alienation. Foucault's notion of self-fashioning (souci de soi) exemplifies both sides of this debate, since fashions may both be imposed and freely chosen. To present a Foucauldian perspective on fashioning of self online I use instances of recent postings to the Usenet news group Key aspects of self-fashioning that I identify include romantic and modernist images of interior experience, the importance of keeping your 'cool,' the discussion of techniques designed to improve skill or strength, and the purchase and use of chess computers as icons of mastery. Finally, I consider some implications of this Foucauldian approach for future research on Internet self-constructions. " (For chess read weblogging:-))

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