Wednesday, February 16, 2005


This is what some doctors are doing with syndicated audio. Snipped from
medmusings: podcasting is new: "Automation in the form of RSS syndication of mp3s with automatic downloads to iTunes, then to my iPod, is really new. It's brainlessly easy to download iPodderx, subscribe to a mp3 enclosure feed, and from then on listen to the audio on my iPod whenever new posts arrive.
This will be a natural progression for services like Audio-Digest, and conference proceedings (e.g. Pri-med). Soon enough we'll be offered pharma-sponsored 'CME' in this fashion, as sure as they're trying to currently entice us via web-based and CD-ROM advertorials. But enough negativism: It'll be a way for AFP and JFP and other free journals with supportive advertising streams to push good content to us as well."

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thanks for the quote!