Friday, February 04, 2005

Cognitive overload (mine)

So now I have three new buttons on my bookmark toolbar : "Blog this", "Bloglines" and "Furl" and when I come across a page that I think I might like to look at again, I have to stop and think about what to do with it — Save/bookmark/blog/RSS/or Furl? Methinks that's a lot of choices. I can see (and, indeed, am already benefiting from) the advantages of RSS. Furl, I find seductive. "Blogging it" is fun and feels like instant sharing. Maybe I'll just do all three for a while.
Meanwhile, I've done a bit of this week's recommended reading.
This article is a good intro to RSS:
Blogging and RSS
This one has lots of good examples:
mcli Forum: Fall 2003: Technology: RSS
The suggestions in this one don't seem all that cool to me, in fact they sound a little laborious:
Contentious » 10 Cool Things to Do with Furl
And frankly, I'm not convinced by the didactic approach in this one (sounds more like snooping than learning):
elearnspace: Furl instead of blog

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