Wednesday, February 09, 2005

A pic is worth a lot of blabla

Originally uploaded by Lezzles.
So today we're doing the photo thing. Most of the photos I have on my hard drive are of my children and this one is no exception. It may not be the world's greatest photo but it reminds me of a balmy evening, sandy sandwiches and happy little faces splashing in and out of the water. Roll on next summer. In fact, roll on 19th Feb because that's when we're going to Tenerife for a little holiday.By the way, posting this was a lot easier than I expected (the instructions on the webquest page were a little frightening). There's a "blog this" button on my Flickr page and when I hit that I got to choose the layout, add the text, and publish without even opening my blog.


Nathan Lowell said...

Oh, I didn't THINK to try that one... I was busy playing Picassa/Hello/BloggerBot games.


Marco Polo said...

Big thumbs down Hello/Picassa for photos. Even just posting pix to blogger was quite a steep learning curve. I'll try Flickr next time.