Sunday, February 13, 2005

End of Week 4

So what have I accomplished this week?
*I posted one of my own photos to this blog.
*I posted someone else's audio to this blog.
*I downloaded Audacity and recorded myself. Now, I just have to upload the recording to my ISP server. It's a pity there is no Flickr type site for sound bites.
*I created a new blog for my students to avoid confusion between different types of content.
And what have I not accomplished this week?
*I didn't record anything original
*I didn't do a collaborative task (I knew I just wouldn't have time this week)
*I'm still rubbing my nose on the outside of the brightly lit windows of Learning Times because of mac compatablity issues. This has been a major problem for me and has lead to a growing feeling of exclusion.
Apart from that, I have continued to learn loads and am still enjoying tweaking this blog. One of the main satisfactions is feedback through comments and I'm aware of this when I visit someone else's blog.

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Nathan Lowell said...

I'm sorry I'm not the only one with issues on the LT environment.

If it's any consolation, even when I've managed to arrange things so I could get in there, the actual experience was so much less than it might have been.

A large part of this has to do with the mental models that people have of "online presentation" and the "lecture model." I said before (and will again) -- it's a waste of time and resource to get all those people in a synchronous environment so that one person can "speak"

In fairness to Learning Times, their tool does not *require* that, but it does encourage it.