Thursday, January 25, 2007


This post is dedicated to anyone who might have escaped from South-West France to sun and warmth. Just to let you know that we would much rather get our wellies on in the morning, with scratchy scarves and gloves and kick our way through slush to school and work in 0°C, than ride on elephants’ backs and meet crocodiles.


ronnie said...

Hi L, I was shooting near Selkirk today and the weather was absolutely fantastic. Bright sunshine and hard frost all day.
The trip over was great too, passing "The Grey Mare's Tail" at dawn and seeing it semi-frozen in a cloud of freezing mist was well worth a stop.
This is a great change as we have hardly had a dry day in South West Scotland since the end of October.
My face is burning with fresh, cold air, sunshine and a modicum of sloe gin.

y.Wendy.y said...

It's very pretty though. Lovely photos.

Ronnie sounds happy, doesn't he!

BeefKing said...

We totally agree with you. Gorgeous weather is for chumps. Who needs a mere ceiling fan and a sheet when you can have goose down and hot water bottles, bed socks and space-heaters? And crocodiles? Sounds dangerous to me.

Lesley said...

Ronnie: have to admit that it does sound very invigorating, especially the sloe gin.

Wendz: The snow has now frozen and is mostly grey. Not so pretty.

BK: It's even more fun if you have a power cut for three days which is what happened in parts of the Gironde/Dordogne.


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