Sunday, March 25, 2007

Resisting Back Passage Double Entendres

The saga of the mouldering wall continues. We're pretty sure it's due to a leaky pipe which carries rain water from our back garden into the street out front and runs the whole length of our living-dining-room wall. The wall is stone and porous; the pipe is probably ancient.
Our insurance man came and had a look and then our next-door neighbour's insurance man came and had a look. They took the standard couple of months to think about it and then they sent a man with a camera to do a videoscopy.
He trailed all of his equipment through the house into the back garden. He inserted a long tube with a mini camera on the end into the pipe and recorded the pictures it sent back on his laptop. Afterwards, in an experience which is as close as I hope ever to come to seeing the insides of my own bowels on a monitor, I got to watch the video footage of the crumbling pipe that lies under the house and the dead leaves and débris that litter the bottom. And just like a doctor, the man announced after the procedure that he had good news and bad news: the good news being that he had diagnosed the source of our affliction, the bad news that the treatment was going to cause major financial haemorrhage.


Ksam said...

It's going to be covered by your insurance, right???

Lesley said...

I wish. The insurance will cover fixing the damage caused by water leaking from the pipe into the wall and under the parquet flooring but it won't pay to have the pipe fixed. Sigh.


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