Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why blog?

Teuchter tagged me for a "five reasons why you blog" meme.

I blog because I frequently get bored with the work-related files on my computer.

I blog because I like putting words together and then throwing them out into the wilderness.

I blog because I get a kick out of comments and the connections they create.

I blog because if that freak bus accident were ever to happen, my children might one day read this and glean some idea of who I was.

I blog because I want to recreate the comforting regularity of the diary I had to write up every morning in Mrs Thompson's class in primary school.

Rather than tag anyone, I'm going to ask the people who read this but don't have a blog why they DON'T blog.


Anonymous said...

Good reverse-challenge. I like. (Also nicely viral...."join usssss, JJOOIIINNNN USSSS").
So have you sometimes felt you didn't want to blog?
A few times I've nearly walked away from blogging, because of the time and energy investment.....
I'm interested to see if all bloggers feel like this at some point.

spentrails said...

Yes, if I didn't blog then my house would be cleaner, I'd have passed that professional exam I still haven't taken, the freezer would be full of wholesome food, etc etc. It's a great displacement activity.

meredic said...

every one rings a bell with me but foru and five really hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

Novelists need readers and so do bloggers.

Being critical brings out the best in me.

I'm too lazy to write a blog.

I love having my mind shaken about with other people's stories.

Imagine if we all had cars ... there would be no room on the roads.

Lesley said...

No Mikeachim much better to make out that it's a very difficult pursuit, wedon't want too much competition after all.

Spentrails: ... and the garden would be weed-free, and I might have written a couple of articles, I could have taken up a sport......

Meredic: Glad it's not just me then.

Deborah: Quite right, far too many bloggers as it is. (But you could still write a novel)

Neil said...

Agree with the mikeachim... have frequently felt like walking away from blogging. I'm ashamed to admit this often affects commenting also when I get so lazy and distracted that I don't fin..

Madame K said...

It's a bit like joining a cult---once you're in it's really hard to get out without making some dramatic exit.

I mean it's ruining my life and everything but still...

Lucy said...

Have you noticed people are always saying 'I'm going through an existential blogging crisis, what is the point, I'm going to stop' etc etc, and all their commenters say, 'oh no please don't, I love you so much', and oh oh, wringing hands, 'I know how you feel,'etc etc and there are all sorts of fond farewells. Then you look in a bit later and they've just been carrying on as usual. So I've come to mistrust that kind of blogging angst and put it down to more of the kind of attention-seeking that keeps us doing it.
Others just seem to fall off the edge of the earth without so much as a cheerio; they must be the ones who have some kind of built-in immunity.
Anyway, this was a funny set of reasons!


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