Sunday, December 02, 2007

Show me the mess in your bag and I will tell you who you are

Princesse Ecossaise asked me to do this ages ago. I have to post a photo of my handbag and what's inside it. So, here's my bag. It's just a cheap one from H&M but I like it because it's soft and expandable with lots of little pockets.

And here are the contents.

Bag Contents, originally uploaded by Lezzles.

Thinking about this meme, I remembered one of those '80s-style getting-to-know-you activities for EFL teachers (Rinvolucri?) and felt compelled to try it again in class. The other day, a new class concluded from my bag contents that:

a) I'm probably not very tech-savvy (due to the non-state-of-the art phone, cheeky buggers).
b) I have children (children's clothes shop loyalty card gave that one away).
c) I have sensitive skin (high factor sun cream).
d) I wear contact lenses (the case).
e) I was in Spain recently (tickets for the Alhambra).
f) I'm a cinephile (the cinema tickets. I didn't tell them that in fact we only drag ourselves to the cinema on average four or five times a year).

If you really want to know what the rest of that mess is, click on the photo and you will be beamed to a Flickr page with notes.

So what's in your bags Teuchter, Fraise, Vivi, Mausi and Sarah?


Anonymous said...


That labelling thing you have in flickr is uber-cool. I'm afraid I've just done a bog standard piddly wee photo.

BeefKing said...

This is one of those dangerous memes that could start to affect the very behavior it hopes to document, tropismatizing the experience.

Pretty soon you're gonna unconsciously start to cull the less-interesting items from your bag. You'll be sure to have intriguing and exotic trinkets on hand of which you have no genuine need. You'll upgrade your phone, and your brand of suncream.

And before you know it, that cheap bag from H&M will need replacing.

Some things are well-kept private.

...but what I'm really most curious about is that mysterious button. Where do you think it could have come from?

Rosie said...

I'm with beefking on this- some things really are best kept away from public scrutiny-I havent emptied mine out for a very long time, but I am sure there are some plastic bags for collecting dog poo, a pair of reading glasses, a pair of sunglasses, my sons passport, a very old filofax full of addresses of people that I havent spoken to for 10 years...etc

spentrails said...

I remember that EFL classroom exercise. It was almost as bad as the ones where you talk about your family and how old everyone is.

That bag looks much more than H&M. It's very stylish and expensive-looking.

And where are all the little bits of fluff, dust, biscuit crumbs and used hankies? Hm, maybe that's just me.

engelsk said...

I like your "My pre iPhone" label! I see that you get quite a lot more into the price in France than in Germany.

On an aside: one of the few things it can't do online is open your pop-up-like Blogger comment window. I can comment with my iPhone on other Blogger blogs when the Comments option is in a normal browser window with the Comments section on the right and the other comments on the left. I don't know why this is the case, as I have no problem with Haloscan comments windows, for instance.

I still think it's a wonderful device, by the way!

christina said...

Ah! I did this one last year so I'm off the hook. :-) I think we have the same cell phone. It makes and receives phone calls. That's all.

Lesley said...

Teuchter: much more organised than my bag, even without the labels

BK: a honestly have no idea where that button came from.

Rosie: Yes, some things are best kept out of public scrutiny. All the more so, that P. has explained to me the Freudian symbolism of handbags.

Spentrails: I have to admit that I did have to expunge a few used hankies.

Engelsk: i don't think I've ever coveted anything as much as I covet the iPhone. (I'm going to look into the comments thing and see if I can change it). And for some reason I didn't get your comment by e-mail.

Christina: It's a middle-aged person's mobile. Next I'll be getting one of the ones with BIG keys.


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