Tuesday, July 22, 2008

17H10 is multitask time

Here's what I was doing at 17H10 today - I was twittering:

I'd just got back from Ikea and I'd unloaded 120€-worth of things we don't really need from the back of the car:
  • a glass jug
  • 3 summer-weight quilts (I think they might be made of paper)
  • a white lamp shade
  • a red quilt cover chosen by E
  • a mirror with pretty engraving
  • a garland of fairy lights
  • filters for the oven hood
  • wax for the kitchen surfaces
  • a half-price wine rack
  • 6 fluorescent plastic plates
I'm an overwrought working mama so as I twittered I was simultaneously juggling some other tasks:
  • writing an e-mail to thank the colleague in Italy who went to the lost property office at Bergamo airport to pick up my stranded mobile phone and posted it to me.
  • consulting the Orange website to confirm that they still (sigh) have no black 16G iPhones in stock.
  • getting a load of laundry ready (a sleeping bag and two pairs of Crocs - one pair smells strange because it was worn to a goat milking session).
  • wondering about how I might get rid of the chemical smell in our sofas. I sprayed them with cleaning foam yesterday - big mistake.
  • mentally scanning the contents of the fridge door and thinking that in just a short time I would be sitting in the garden with an apéritif in one hand and a paint brush in the other (summer furniture renovation project).
  • looking for the customer service number at National car rental to see if they'll give me back some of the money they charged me last Friday to top up the tank up at Birmingham airport. I completely forgot to do it myself mostly due to the fact that I was recovering from a panic attack that came on when the sat nav took me into a business park somewhere in England and told me (in a somewhat peremptory fashion) that I had arrived at my destination, Birmingham airport.
(This post is an entry in the FuelMyBlog /Tsheets 5:10p.m. competition. Guess what the prize is.)


Anonymous said...

"[O]ne pair smells strange because it was worn to a goat milking session" - hahahaha! Cracked me up!

Good luck in the competition. After you've waited patiently for so long, I think Mr Jobs should drive up to your door and deliver you one on a velvet cushion with golden tassles.

I mean: he should drive up to your door in a car or motor vehicle of his choice. It's the iPhone that should be on a velvet cushion with golden tassles!

Rosie said...

that's what I call multi tasking...have you a qualification in it?

Lucy said...

The last (Birmingham) one sounds like something out of a very bad dream.

I too am intrigued by the vision of a goat milkmaid in Crocs...

(Thanks for your kind words t'other day.)


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