Wednesday, September 07, 2005


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Borrowed three CDs from our excellent médiathèque his evening:

Al Stewart: Year of the Cat
Bob Dylan : Blonde on Blonde
Simon & Garfunkel : The Graduate

How did my musical taste get stuck quite so far in the distant past? What should I borrow next time to get me out of this time warp?



Ms Mac said...

The Zutons' Who Killed the Zutons? for sure!

Anonymous said...

Lura from Cap Verde
Oki from Japan
Yasmin Levy from Israel
Huun Huur Tu from Tura in Russia
Chango Spasuik from Argentina
Mahmoud Ahmed from Ethiopia

well, just the lastest from Charlie Gillet's music from around the world on BBC world service! Probably quite difficult to find CD's of above however.

Time warps are very pleasant. Clothes are another thing, I'm still wearing beatnik type stuff sixties 'style' for goodness sake

Lesley said...

Never heard of any of them...... Must look on I-Tunes (shuffles away felling old and unexotic).

Anji said...

My musical taste seems to have got stuck in the past too. The good thing about the coming of CDs is that everything got re-released!


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